Grey foxes and porcupines

Reports of a grey fox spending time near Clough rd have been heard by several people.  Also a very large porcupine on Mill rd.  Keep the dogs away from him!



Stamford Nature blog’s first appearance!

Here it is!  Born from the group AWARE that meets in the Stamford Community Library (next meeting on Thursday night July 27th at 6:30pm) to discuss concerns of the environment.  This blog is a place for folks to write any nature sightings or news that they have observed in our beautiful town of Stamford.  So if the ground hogs have eaten up your garden or you spotted a bald eagle, moose or bear today write it down to share with your neighbors!  We will try to keep a paper copy of this news at the library updated as well and folks can let us know at the library if they prefer for us to get the word out (for those that are not comfortable on technology!).   Thanks for your interest!